IPAF operator Hire

Hire an experienced, factory-trained IPAF operator for your access equipment

Hire an experienced, factory-trained IPAF operator for your access equipment today. 

With over 30 years experience in the lifting industry, our team are able to supply you with reliability and confidence when working at height, in order to get your work completed safely and efficiently.

Working to manufacturer standards and IPAF best working practice, we work with equipment up to 52m working height; operating models from a range of manufacturers, including: Teupen, Falcon Lift, Hinowa, Platform Basket, CTE, OMME Lift, Niftylift, JLG and CMC Lift. 

Internal Spider lift Operator Hire

Experience when working indoors is essential. 

Having the expertise of our operators who frequently work on projects indoors, enable us to install and extract equipment whilst protecting delicate surfaces and flooring, to the point where you wouldn’t know we’ve been in.

We assist you working indoors by supplying you with:

  • Low point load values (live load travel and set-up positions)
  • Use of a 240v electric motor or battery drive/zero emissions and often near silent operation
  • Non-marking rubber crawler tracks for complete surface protection; leaving no trace or customer dissatisfaction

External spider lift operator hire

Working outdoors can be difficult and give many obstacles  for an inexperienced operator.

Selecting the correct tracked spider lift allows you to combat almost any given terrain or working environment both safely and efficiently. 

Regardless of the uneven, rough and often demanding terrain, we are able to traverse, setup and operate with confidence.

We supply you with: 

  • Dedication and professionalism throughout
  • The understanding and recommendation for the most suitable piece of equipment
  • Specific features such as rough terrain rubber tracks, hydraulic adjustable tracks, larger safe working loads and radio remote control to name a few
  • Everything you need to get your job done, first time


Why do I need an operator?

First time round with the majority of customers, this is a question we are asked.



Simply answered ‘once you’ve had an operator from Spider Ops Ltd, and realised the smoothness of your job, without any issues or errors and finishing on time; it’s hard to not hire without one.’



We could talk all day and give many examples on why an operator is required, but ultimately it relies on the customer or the end user; and them fully understanding and appreciating the difference, experiencing a problem free, damage free and hassle free hire. 


Worth the call to book right? 

Where are your operators located?

We have experienced IPAF operators well placed geographically throughout the UK, to ensure you’re never too far for us to get to. 

What licences do your IPAF operators hold?

As an operator at Spider Ops Ltd, we all have our IPAF 3A, 3B and 1B licences at minimum, along with IPAF LOAD and Unload too! It’s also rare for an operator of ours not to have their IPAF PDI qualification as well.

How much does an IPAF operator cost?

Generally the cost for an experienced IPAF operator is circa £200 plus VAT per day Monday-Friday. 


The cost is very much dependant on the category, machine required to be used and application, the working height required to be worked at, the insurance cover required and the job at hand; whether there needs to be ground protection, large spreader pads, aluminium ramps or marine ply board resources to assist getting the machine in or out of an area.


For example; Climbing stairs to enter a church providing load distribution calculations working alongside a QS/structural engineer to supply flooring protection and outrigger pads 1m x 1m isn’t a standard days operator hire, nevertheless we supply the bespoke service as well! 

How long do I get the operator for?

Working to International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) terms and conditions of hire, we supply our operators for 8hrs onsite, between the hours of 0800-1600.


Overtime, nights, weekends can all be accomadated, so give us a call to discuss your requirement and we can put you in the diary! 

Can you cover site movements and transport of access platforms?

Yes of course! We only have up to 7.5t transport vehicles at the moment, however..


We also supply large goods vehicle drivers too. All of our Class 1 Artic and Class 2 Rigid drivers hold their IPAF Load/Unload and  IPAF PDI qualification, so deliveries, collections and transporting (including the pre-delivery inspections) can all be completed correctly, with the correct documentation being taken care of.